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Com-Pac 16 Rowing Trials

The little boat does well with oars. The Captain standing in the cabin (rowing) and a wife or girl friend using the tiller to steer the boat would be a good combination. Rowing is quiet and normal conversation between the two should be excellent. There are really three rowing positions. Standing in the cockpit floor facing forward, sitting on the bridge deck facing aft and the spot that I like best is standing in the cabin. If you are by yourself, rowing from that position gives you lots of control. I'm changing my position in the pictures below. Stern first works best coming into a dock.

The almost 3 knots of speed towards the end of the sea trials was with the wind. The circles rowed in the sea trials were caused by position changes. I also adjusted the oar length one time. I could tell the difference between rowing upwind and rowing downwind. The current may also have been on the nose going down the river. The river is the New River that passes through Jacksonville, NC.